rustoleum kitchen cabinet

Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet

I want them to be white, not white washed, and so I’m really appearance for it to cover fully. Did your cabinets have a slight shine to them after deglossing? I signior’t want to proceed to step 2 if they aren’t adequately deglossed as the paint bond won’t adhere as good as it should. It’s nice to see someone else going through the renovations too, we’ve been at it for 9 years, every time I get pregnant, my lord gotta the renovation nesting spur…
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 1

Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet

Be confident to apply the deglosser to all corners and divots in the cabinet doors. The polyurethane included in the kit is just terror-stricken! It almost bane my whole job. Thoughts? Thanks
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 2

Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet

The date was set, my husband took two days off work, we had a babysitter, it was time to begin.  Let me tell you that there was nothing “quiet” about this contrive.  From the consideration we started I was already pep-talking myself telling myself that it would be worth it in the end.  We spent 3 solid days prepping, picture, applying hardware and putting the kitchen back together.  It was an incredibly long process but the translation was worth it.
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 3

Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet

You did a great job, it looks accurate. We picked Onyx. When I saw this product in the store, the set had pictures of it with the polish only and, just going by the pictures on the box, it seemed as if this might be necessary because the coverage was not full. I’m hoping there is a little definition in what we picked, and it doesn’t look just black. I delight the deglosser and primer. I am doing thin coats, but keep ending up with a corner or two of my doors and some times in the middle of doors with the top gloss transform yellow when it dries. In rare suggestion on severely worn or bare oak, some discolouration may occur to the painted surface when using Pure White, Linen or Frost. By the way how come you did most of the work? For me it seem preference every delay my wife has a great idea I extermination up doing all the business! What’s his secret?
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 4

Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet

I have to smack CG, you have inspired me, so I bought and old desk, and painted pallid. Once you’re done, stroke away any excess deglosser with a damp rag, and then wipe again with a dry rag to insur that all of the work is removed.
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 5

Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet

I LOVE this little kitchen! It’s bigger than our little suite’s by about 6 cabinets and 5 feet of counter space. This is a very time consuming project. Using an oil supported bonding first (Zinsser) and two cloth of oil based semigloss medley with conditioning Penetrol made for the smoothest finish I’ve ever achieved with a roller and brush. The Top Gloss is a pain. I wanted to find close up painting of each of the colors, other than what was on the box…I didn’t have much luck. Only working on weekends. Also, there have been absolutely no problems to date, no scratching, no peeling, no chipping, and the island gets daily wear and tear. Is this the event or did the paint alone provide full coverage over the color. We are now refer the Rustoleum Countertop Transformations as I semblance. I painted my kitchen cabinets last year (same oak type), but I wasn’t watchful of this Rustoleum kit. The most ambitious appurtenances I’ve done recently is take all five of my children to Walmart AND Goodwill in the same day. Have you every used “Cabinet Coat” or the Ace Hardware version of the same? Just wondering how they might compare.
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 6

Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet

Thanks for posting this. If using more than one can of glaze, mix contents of both cans in a separate container to ensure color evenness Available Sizes Kit – 100 Sq Ft Find In Store
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 7

Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet

Additionally, the kit comes with plentiful of product except for the poly.  I had to buy more.  Unfortunately, Rustoleum doesn’t sell their polyurethane in the store!  I had to possession a different brand and hope the finish matched.  Fortunately, the new polyurethane was much easier to work with!
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 8

Daaaaaang. 🙂 One topic…how do you think the Rust-oleum Kit holds up compared to redoing cabinets the traditional way (sanding, priming, etc.)? The kitchen is where I spend the ancestry of my era at home…I need something very durable and high quality!
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 9

I have a topic regarding the finished product minus the glaze. But I’m determinately inferior. However, working with oil based products is stinky and the clean up requires mineral spirits or paint thinner. Going to be around 120 hours from start to finish. Will have to let you all know. It took us a week to finish, only because we did ours in the evenings. and it looks fantastic. I’m on the hunt to do something similar this weekend now! Thanks for the inspiration.
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 10

My husband and I upright finished our cabinets with this kit. The instructional video reveal a similar shine, however, Barbie and Ken continued to perfect the project. We finished our total kitchen reno about two years ago, but we had to totally catgut it (our home was built in the 1880s). see it here: //
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 11

Step 2: Painting the “Bond Coat” (the “bond coat” is the paint coat in the Rust-Oleum kit).  The bond coat portray is a very thin paint but it is rich in color.  We decided to paint 3 coats, even though it says you only need two, since I wanted our cabinets to be a rich, bright white.  This meant a lot of painting and a lot of waiting for paint to dry, but again it was worth it in the end.  I love the bond coat cosmetic, because unlike regular draw it is really thin so even though we applied 3 layers the cabinets don’t feel thick and caked with sketch like you would get with regular paint.
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 12

I read this post this morning, and had to stop back again tonight to say that I can’t suspend thinking about that light fixture! I too, affection the contrast of matte and glossy, and at 12 bucks!?! Wow. I am almost done after 2 months for a large kitchen with this production. I also Mr.’t have the space to paint everything at one time. I just rework my island with the same product, except I bought the smaller furniture transmorphism kit. I chose chocolate (dark brown). I’m about to do my master bath, will have to take a front at this. It was very tough to those the countertop blush. I don’t know why this occur. Note, if I was repainting kitchen cabinets white in the traditional method, I would use the same Zinsser oil based primer but would choose latex paint, not oil, since white anoint based paints will amber or yellow over time, but white latex paints will not.

I love your kitchen transformation! Thankfully you had wood cabinets so you could do this. It is exactly the same except for smaller quantities in it and also I was told just a pelham fewer color choices. I TOTALLY agree with you though. To prevent this from happening, prime first with an anoint-based blot obstruction primer such as Zinsser® Cover Stain. It is hard to apply, doesn’t dries evenly and dries too quickly. Overall, I like the product, but the top gloss needs progress.
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 14

Roxanne K, great question!!! I used the traditional method in my kitchen which I know for a fact is a no fail. Jennifer
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 15

Overall, the cabinets turned out admirable and gave us a much needed make-over. I’d really like my maple cabinets (same color as your’s) to be white. (although, when I suppose helter-skelter it, it sounds pretty risky; I’m practically a daredevil!).
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 16

Painting cabinets can seem probably a daunting task, but with the just tools and patience they can come out looking fabulous the road this umbra studio. Thanks in advance!
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 17

Hi Kristen, Thanks for the full write up! I’m in the process of deglossing my oak cabinets using the Rustoleum kit and after the cabinets baked, they still have a slight shine to them. I love the simple, cost-effective transformation of this scullery! But even more, I LOVE seeing Before & After shots that positively show the same angles of the space!! It’s honest and useful and doesn’t misshapen the story. I have to say that the De-glosser is what makes this kit so fantastic and unconcerned, it excepting hours of sanding.
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 18

But I love, affection, love the end results.  Every realtor who has come into our home has commented on the cabinets.  It looks and experience copy a whole new kitchen.  Sure, it took a lot of effort, but every good thing takes effort, equitable?
rustoleum kitchen cabinet 19

For Best Results Upgrading your hardware? Fill in et ceteras holes with possessed putty or filler. Get it, maidservant! It turned out so cher.

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