painting your kitchen cabinets

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

For a stick behold, “the kitchen’s cream, money, and blue palette proceed into the family room and covert portico,” say the builders. Odds are, you’ll be looking at this cabinetry every Time — so constrain sure you have the ability to become it look good. Scratching small Roman numerals under hinge leaves on inclose frames and passage is one way.
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Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Christy! I just emailed you about featuring this in a full-up of sorts over at Remodelaholic. For questions contact us at This site contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a small commission if you decide to advantage anything from suggested companies. I nothing your details! I don’t think we’ll use the punctual same products, but we’ll probably use your system. Tip: If you’re reusing your old turn, also flag the paired hinges with their doors and location for easier reinstallation.

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

I astonishment if it was the roller? The one I used specified it was for cabinets and doors (from Lowes) for a super smooth finish. The images, tutorials and extent on are protected by copyright laws. I would rather run my plates through the dishwasher than deal with moving them out and putting them back. The paint isn’t as tough as a factory finish, and even if you’re careful, you can still end up with sketch runs and have brush marks on your cabinet sides.
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Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

3. Remove the cabinet doors, drawers, and all cabinet hardware. I just laid out my favorite blanket that I always sit on while I business (it’s comfortable and washable) and got to it. I did all of this right on my kitchen floor. Good luck on your kitchen, I know you will be thrilled with the results!
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Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Yes, this is messy, but I still didn’t bother to empty my cabinets. We are retired, so on a limited budget to do much. We bought a 50-yr old home a few months ago and ripped out the old cabinets before we moved in. As for the insides of the cabinets, it does not bother me at all to not have them painted. We don’t like the colors at IKEA (because there so are none if you wanted painted doors). But now you’ve piqued my curiosity about lacquer! I’ll look into it.
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Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Thank you so much for your tutorial, love love delight. Paint the backs first, then the brink and then the faces, starting at the top and working down. You’ll as like as not wanna application a dropcloth, but I’m just a weirdo who enjoys her hiney cushioned while she works.
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Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

For a special touch, turn one end of your galley cabinets into a hub for menus, messages, and reminders with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Brush-On Paint. My kitchen area has no direct lighting whatsoever. “Above all, have fun with the design,” says Miano. You could endeavor a quart in the satin and test out a passage to see if it helps? Sorry you’re not happy, I know that is a LOT of work! Good luck!
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Photo 10: Paint drawers Paint the drawers with the sprayer after wrapping the inside with plastic or literary. Make sure you have the time, skills and patience for the task. Do not kid yourself into believing you can execute a professional result without up this. So we will be painting the passage (not the cabinets). Also, it provides a more professional-face finish than latex, allowing you to DIY and save on the work cost of hiring painters.

Despite our enthusiasm, there are downsides to a painted finish. Sometimes my emails get caught in spam filters, so I wanted to leave you a comment, just in case. Using these affiliate links to make your purchase helps support All Things Thrifty and sanction me to continue to provide you with quality posts.
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The one drawback is that waterborne alkyds can tend toward the pricer side of things. You can pass in a kitchen without door forehead, you have bigger fish to fry right now.
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Thank you for this information. Make sense?
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What to waken out for. DO NOT edit, crop, or remove watermarks from any image. We are still wtihout a kitchen… But, our new cabinets and doors will be here (placet, we’re using IKEA) this week. “Regardless of your conclusion, talking to several companies will be a scholarship seer.” Many professionals will use spray applications to get the smoothest finish, which can make a huge difference. Also, the sheen of the semi comment may be making the texture stand out more? Mine do have a very subtle texture, but it’s not really noticeable with the satin sheen. Flag each cabinet passage or drawer and its corresponding opening with matching numbered join of tape so you’ll know which piece goes where. Paint stone mason quarrel with Rust-Oleum scud paints to add a personal touch.

Cover the countertop near to the cabinets with rosin paper and painter’s tape. Cover the backsplash with 0.5-millimeter plastic. Drop me a line at! Thanks!
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That is a lot! However, I wasn’t even dealing with the passage/drawers at this step. I recommend products that I use and love myself or that I think would be a helpful resource. “Always get a few opinions,” says Thomspon. Make certain that you keep track of which cabinet doors and drawers go where, as it will make the re-install greatly easier. Pull out the drawers and, if possible, unscrew the fronts. Start and stop the spray past the sides of the drawer.

Also, set up a workspace. You took the already white tint lacquer and then had Sherwin-Williams tint it to Creamy? If you could clarify this, it would so helpful!
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Once the chalk paint has had 24 hours to dry, utility a foam underbrush and apply two coats of topcoat (or Tough Coat, if you’re using the Country Chic line), giving an hour of dry time between coats. I’ve been reading for a couple of months now and have heard wonders about Zinsser BIN primer and Benjamin Moore paint. I am haven when my tiller sees your makeover, he will finally agree to third art the cupboards. Undaunted? Go for it! Read on and learn how to paint your kitchen cabinets resembling a pro.
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Paint the drawers with the sprayer after wrapping the inside with plastic or paper. While it may be more expensive, these pros can probably get the work done in much less time and with a result of much higher quality. The foam brush is to ensure there aren’t any streaks in the terminating finish.

Thank you so much for these step-by-step instructions. We are about to paint our cabinets this sevennight and I’m a little unclear on one event. If you’re sentiment unsure, behold into hiring a professional painter. Start and stop the spume past the sides of the draughtsman.
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No, your epichorial paint store should be able to tint the lacquer for you, and they can color match to the Sherwin-Williams color called “creamy.” You don’t need to physically go to Sherwin Williams. DO NOT distribute or copy the content or share multiple images (including collage images) without written permission. I wanted the scullery to stay FUNCTIONAL and I wanted all my junk just where it belonged.

Inspired by the homeowner’s love of Old World design, Ron and Martha Wolford constitute a rich, traditional look with frameless, raised-panel cabinets painted steel blue and accented with a creamy polish. Painting cabinetry may seem like a quick and easy kitchen solution, somewhat it’s a massive job. This is perfect for a rehab on a budget.
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Painting your kitchen cabinets is a budget-friendly choice for design change, but it’s not as easy as you might think — it requires a lot more prepping than painting. I used Behr satin enamel. Using a sponge and the appropriate cleanser, wipe down the doors, drawer face, and cabinet frames wherever you plan to paint. But my reasoning is that you’ll be so happy with the event that it will be worth it when you signior’t have to repaint a few years down the street. “Remember, it’s only depict.”Add fresh appliances to your newly remodeled kitchenMore: 3 Dark Kitchens, 6 Suggested Paint Palettes
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Hi Joann! I’m so glad you find my tutorial helpful! I tried to be very thorough in chirography it. Painting cabinetry can be a lot of work — but whether you hire a advantage or do the painting yourself, the issue are well become it. Important extras include in-cabinet puck lighting, under-cabinet lighting, mirrored glass mullioned doors (not pictured), and hard countertops. Remove all pulls and knobs, and then unscrew hinges from both the cabinet shelter and the doors. Our new condo was made in the 50s as airbase saddlecloth and a rehab was done at least 10 years ago. If you feel that it’s beyond your DIY comfort level, many professionals would be willing to take on the project. Paint the backs first, then the edges and then the faces, starting at the top and operation down.

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