milk paint for kitchen cabinets

Milk Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

You would have to do the Varathane first to “seal” the Chalk Paint. The delight doesn’t hinder there. Was expectation to avoid that measure because I'm afraid it will yellow.
milk paint for kitchen cabinets 1

Milk Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Janel, No, I sure have not. 😉 Nancy
milk paint for kitchen cabinets 2

Milk Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Laura, Thank you so much 🙂 The kitchen cabinets didn’t get any distressing, no. Thanks for being transparent about the many indecisive moments in decorating. I had primarily thought I would custom Old White, but after your experience, I think I would do true what you did. Yes, it’s more expensive, but Ms. Paint mason jars with Rust-Oleum spume paints to annex a personal touch.
milk paint for kitchen cabinets 3

Milk Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Thanks so much! I used approx 1/2- 3/4 of one can. I wanted them to have a nice, crisp, quite look so didn’t do it on those (I did on the Duck Egg colored island though). Worked well! (the second go round, anyway! 😉 ) Good luck on whichever you choose! 🙂 Nancy
milk paint for kitchen cabinets 4

Milk Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

But because milk paint cracks, flakes, and distresses more easily, it is ideally suited for farmhouse-style kitchen cabinets and vintage furniture like antique dressers. Milk paint and chalk paint are both environmentally friendly and easy to use. I sanded the doors down some to get them ready and he cut, glued & clamped the trim to the seeming. My kitchen cabinets are like yours were in the beginning. Easy to use, adroit up was easy. But I have gotten a teeny, minute bit of yellowing. I only noticed it when I had to paint something (when we installed the sink) to duplicate. Does milk paint come in gloss or will I need to put some type of varnish finish on afterwards. I love that paint too…we’ll see how it does! With that said, I am very happy with the CP in my kitchen. Though they have similar appearances, milk paint and chalk paint are two different products. 🙂
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Milk Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

I am thinking of painting my cabinets white, or seagull gray copy you did, but I penury a gloss finish. That aforesaid the grey milk paint is lovely. I’ve tried several other brands and criterion out recipes to make your own, but nothing compares. As milk paint must be manually blended and stirred before application, it can lead to a more unpredictable hard-pressed end—sometimes sloughing off in a fine powder, other times chipping off with and lending winsome appeal to period-style pieces.
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Milk Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

As always Monica great job. More Pure White, less Old White. Here’s the swoop on their shared and one of a kind characteristics and how to use them.
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Milk Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Kelly Millspaugh Thompson of Stylish Patina Interiors in Falls Church, Virginia, considers bleach paint her go-to paint for most shoot. I have lived in my leasehold habitat for fourteen years and have changed a share of house except for the cabinets. You can definitely skip that step if you sir’t want the distressed look. Nancy
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Hi Tammy, Old Ochre is a great color. I knew it would drive me shaky so I removed all the doors, etc, and repainted them in a “whiter” blend straightway. Although Thompson inclination the chippy appear of milk paint for some projects, she tends to prefers the more firm look of chalk cosmetic, as seen on this sleek dresser painted in Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue. You use your scullery every day, it should make you smile every day and be exactly what you love. It is more on the “tan” side whereas Old White is more towards “yellow” toned. I didn’t and have had no problems though! (do be sure to sinless them very well before though) Hope that helps! Nancy

Your cabinets look invented, Nancy! And I agree with the whiter color… it looks so wonderful! Hubby seems to be as abl as you are! 🙂 I would precisely picture my kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. Fortunegirl.
milk paint for kitchen cabinets 10

Too much “Old White” in the mix and not enough of the “Pure White”. For me, it isn’t enough to be bothersome, however. PS Shout out to your hubby for helping in all of the transformations and to you for being an appreciative concubine. But keep in mind the Old Ochre is a little darker. Yep, that will be perfect for something like this! I don’t have contrivance for it however. Annie knows something the other ones assume’t know!
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Thanks Kelli! Yep, I sure did! Twice!! lol I am actually procurement ready to try GF Milk Paint on my laundry cabinets. They have held up perfectly for almost 10 yrs now, not one problem on any of them. 🙂 And yes, the trim was actually my idea to accouter up the doors and my goodman was unsure as to how well it would hold up but did it for me anyway. Hope that serve! Nancy
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Love the dreamy look of nurse paint and chalk paint but don’t know how or where to use them? Although similar in appearance, beestings paint and chalk picture share a lot of traits but also have some differences. If we all were as thankful for the help we get as DIYers, we wouldn't be so overwhelmed with the anapophysis and would get more done. If you are concerned and/or have a slick finish on the cabinets, you can do a very light sand (by hand) beforehand for extra union. I mixed a very small amount of Old White into the Pure White so it would give it a tad bit of warmth without yellowing it up too much. I wouldn’t really consider that one “buffy-y” BUT it does have color. If you don’t want yellow I would stick with Old Ochre. THANKS SO MUCH for showing us all your miraculous, fair projects. (original cabinets were honey oaken) I used equal parts of Brown Mahogany and Georgian Cherry to get the exact color I wanted. Loving my new kitchen!!” Comments
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Hi Stacy, I would seal with Varathane first, and then go back with a glaze and apply to the areas that you want the detail and wipe away excess. It has been 5 years since I did a kitchen remodel and I still get a thrill when I walk in. (not including the repaint, of course!) And yes, I do love the paint very much. She notes that she has also used bleach paint on brass lamps and even fabric and sees it as an easy way to update and cool dated items.
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Awesome…Annie Sloan is the only way to go. Just be sure you don’t put Varathane (or any poly) over top of beeswax. Covering the gamut of expect from washed-out and watery to vibrantly opaque, to distressed to sleek and solid, these paints embody homey exhilarate and wholesomeness. Thanks for sharing… I can’t wait to see your unaccustomed sink installed! xo
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Hi Nancy, I feel so blessed to have come across your page this morning. Guess what, 27 years later I still have blue and white, it has gone in and out of fashion, I have tossed in different accent colors over the ages (peach, rose, grey, turquoise to freshen it up) and I still love it.Since I did your General Finishes transformation in my powder room I am a huge fan of stain over shitty wood. I’ll come by and draft out yours! Nancy
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For a special touch, turn one end of your kitchen cabinets into a hub for menus, messages, and reminders with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Brush-On Paint. It dwelling’t adhere. You give us courage to go with what we nothing, not normal what is trendy. If I didn't tenderness my cherry GF I would paint them with that in a heart beat. She likes that you assume’t destitution to mix the paint and can just “pop open the top of the can and start painting,” she says. Learn how each is singular, how they’re applied and what to expect.
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Hi Leslie, The cabinets (and island I also painted with ASCP in Duck Egg) is holding up great. Topped off with High performance top petticoat. We built it before I started the blog so didn’t take pictures, etc, along the way. **EDITED to add— I used near 3/4 Pure to 1/4 white.**
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Custom Mixed Gel Stained Kitchen Cabinets “Out with the trendy white and back to the traditional classic ruddy. Hope that helps! Nancy
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Hi Christina, Thanks so much! I do fondness it so much better. (as you can see along the “whiter” edge in the picture below) And that’s the great thing about Chalk Paint®….no sanding, I just went right to it. Loved the results so much, I am commonly updating my railings as well. The picture frame trim: is it one or several coadunate together? I have never heard of the chalk paint that you used, BUT I can tell you I WILL be purchasing some. It’s fine basic though! I can ask him and if there is anything that jumps out that you may need to know about it I will hindrance you know. Years past I went with a blue and white scullery, totally out of sync with gravitate at the time and totally me. Sorry I can’t be of more help with that! Nancy
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Liz Williams Interiors Milk paint and chalk paint are the comfort foods of decorative finishes. I would do it again in a second. I expect, to this day, he is shaggy the trim pieces haven’t loosened or fallen off. It’s been a couple years now and holding up superior.

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