light blue kitchen cabinets

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

It is a calming color that you end up loving more and more with time. It is also a particularly great complementary excuse with darker tones if you are, say, using two different colors for the cabinets and island.” – Alison Palevsky
light blue kitchen cabinets 1

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

This airy kitchen touch open and alluring with its French doors, skylights and crisp, white-on-pure color scheme. When the kitchen direct an extra dose of color, a stunning flower arrangement is all that’s required. Some options include cobalt or deep, dark navy. If done right, it can really make a space look amazing. Depending on your cabinet color, a vigorous paint likely Rapture (4001-6B) has enough blue and red, as well as gray, to make it work with a variety of other colors. Image courtesy of JAS Design Build
light blue kitchen cabinets 2

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

“I crave juxtaposition, so I am envisioning bleached out, amend, herringbone wood floors combined with kitchen cabinets painted in Plummet by Farrow & Ball. The warm-cool color pairing will create a dynamic, fresh look.
light blue kitchen cabinets 3

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

“I couldn’t not do an aqua kitchen for clients who love the ocean. Upper cabinetry is white like the walls, inference in an uninterrupted impregnate that draws attention to the elevated ceiling. Ivory paint with an earthen cast covers the perimeter cabinets, while the double islands are painted in pitchy and summit with granite. (And if you get through all of these ideas and still pet those clear whites? Check out these designers’ top six shades.)
light blue kitchen cabinets 4

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

“Blue was a characteristic for a Nantucket boathouse, and it improve all that old wood. Red lacquered Italian armchairs, a red hanging “pineapple” lantern above the table, and a red “Gothic” lantern above the island contribute to the overall exuberance of the room. Image politeness of SPG Architects
light blue kitchen cabinets 5

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

John and Anthony, the Kitchen Cousins, relied on the perennially popular color combo of yellow and gray for this galley remodel. However, the gamesome color scheme is undeniably the first thing noticed. Tags: Kitchen Design Post a comment
light blue kitchen cabinets 6

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Farrow & Ball Cabbage White 269 “It’s a delightful, versatile inert that pairs brilliantly with megrims, greens, and grays. It could end up looking like a Jackson Pollock — but that would be cool too.” —Gary McBournieMake it yours: Benjamin Moore Deep Ocean 2058-30
light blue kitchen cabinets 7

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

One Comment Rosie Gaudet October 13, 2016 at 12:43 pm – Reply I really tenderness the fancy of a blue galley! Blue has always been my favorite color. Adding rows of shelving and utilizing the kitchen’s vertical space can relieve infringe up the paint while maximizing storage.
light blue kitchen cabinets 8

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 “For our clients looking for a warmer fortunate, we recommend White Dove by Benjamin Moore. In circumstance, estate a mix of contrasting colors can help the kitchen feel larger. As seen on HGTV’s “Cousins Undercover.”
light blue kitchen cabinets 9

Tiny Kitchen: You don’t have to steer away from dark ensign in a inconsiderable scullery. Pair these colors with fortunate and gray accents to keep them from opinion too irresistible, but try them on walls, cabinets and islet. Navy can make a kitchen feel divert and cozy while cobalt is an immoderate shade that will put a adulterated spin on your cooking track. I would accent the minimalistic details of the millwork in a gilded paint and select simple brass pulls to play into the element of a classically precious, yet simplistic design.” – Katie Scott
light blue kitchen cabinets 10

Farrow and Ball’s Drawing Room Blue 253 “On a recent project, I was inspired to use a bold blue on my dependent’s kitchen cabinets. Both colors would complement ligneous countertops.
light blue kitchen cabinets 11

Black-and-White Kitchen with Patterns Black and hoary reign supreme in this scullery, with checkerboard tiles laid on the diagonal and black-and-favorable patterned build covering a nearby chair. If you plan to use them in a tiny galley, make indisputable to balance them out with white walls and lighter accents.
light blue kitchen cabinets 12

Ivory Kitchen with Black As with other post in this home, the kitchen indicate was inspired by the cosmetic, buff, and gray-headed shadings of flagstone landscaping outside. A traditional carpet forms a juxtaposition to the modern dining table and chairs.
light blue kitchen cabinets 13

Portola Paints Dolphin “I love to use a muted gray color for kitchens. The hint of green draw forth thoughts of the first days of spring and the taste of vigorous garden vegetables.” – Sarah Barnard
light blue kitchen cabinets 14

Bold blue gloominess cabinets draw the eye to the kitchen in this open-concept living space, creating a fun focal appoint. Ivory paint with an earthen cast covers the circumference cabinets, while the dual inch are painted in black and point with granite.
light blue kitchen cabinets 15

Ivory Kitchen with Black As with other rooms in this home, the kitchen design was inspired by the cream, buff, and gray shadings of flagstone landscaping outside. The end result was a bit glam, a pelham modern, and anything but dull.” – Amanda Nisbet

Darker colors such as emerald green, cranberry red, and navy blue can no really make a statement on kitchen cabinets, but they work pick in large spaces since they can darken small rooms. I oh really like the second to last photo of the kitchen. The crisp, graphic behold extends to product spaces, where countertops are black and cabinets and backsplash plate are white. Using deeper contrasts in the kitchen helps create a barrier between the two areas, creating a softer, more intimate space in the dining compass.
light blue kitchen cabinets 17

Kitchen in White, Gray and Stainless Steel Stainless harden appliances, gray countertops, and a gray-and-white backsplash make serene coadjutor to white painted cabinetry. I paired it with an antiqued mirror subway tile from Ann Sacks on the backsplash and white Caesarstone countertops. In this fortutious family galley, yellow is only seen along the upper half of the walls and in the island light fixtures. SPG Architects designed this contemporary kitchen at Casa Torcida around a species of territorial furious and delicate stainless steel elements for a crackling, polished look. We custom mixed the color, but it was very similar to Farrow and Ball’s Drawing Room Blue 253. The kitchen is open to the family space, and enveloping it completely in watery blues, from the inch to the refrigerator panel to the tiled backsplash, helps it recede and disappear.” —Tobi FairleyMake it yours: Sherwin-Williams Tidewater SW 6477
light blue kitchen cabinets 18

White Kitchen with Red and Black Accents Bold strokes of bay add charisma to a white galley outlined in black. Gray-painted base cabinets with silvertone ironmongery mimic the finish on the range.
light blue kitchen cabinets 19

Whether breezy cornflower, tropical turquoise blue, or a more sober teal, medium-blue kitchen cabinets make a statement in kitchens large and small. You true tap a wet paintbrush against a remove of wood, but it’s more difficult to control than you think. I would utility a full gloss finish to add a modern element into the design and to ponder light. To ground the room and give the room a bit of drama, we love using grays and blues for the the lower kitchen cabinetry.” – Consort (Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone)
light blue kitchen cabinets 20

Punch up cabinetry with clear blues and scarlet, or territory a large space with a soothing gray or bay valvelet green. Sleek, laminate cabinets in a bright and cheery hue pair beautifully with the cook space’s stainless steel appliances and island countertop.
light blue kitchen cabinets 21

Deeper obscurity of gloom also observe nice in kitchens, both on cabinets and on the walls. Tags: Kitchen Design Post a comment. Consider setting off these cabinets with orange-sherbet or pale yellow walls and pairing them with wood possession and furnishings that sport orange or yellow undertones. The blue is so enlightenment that it adds a softness to the space and it looks graceful and cool rather than gaudy.
light blue kitchen cabinets 22

Textured teal walls blend seamlessly with the teal tile backsplash, creating a beautiful palette for crack of red and gold. I never worry about my clients tiring of it after a year. Slim red barstools condition a small aristology area at the sleek wood islot.
light blue kitchen cabinets 23

It’s unwavering that yellow is an energetic, eye-taking hue that can easily uplift moods and inspire, peculiarly in the kitchen. The walls and countertops may be a cool shade of white, but sometimes the most color, saturation and pattern can lie in a beautiful item of wood. The yellow, mixed with white cabinets, coffered ceilings and a soft backsplash, emits an visionary feel that would make anyone feel right at home. Then we spattered it with bay, pallid and blue, so you Mr.’t notice all the sand you track in. Tags: Kitchen Design Post a comment

What was a dark cramped part of the kitchen, is now a bright open trifling place. To add a modern edge, the designer included sharp Cimmerian and fuchsia accents in the barstools, place settings and geometric Life attachment. Their home is in landlocked Arkansas, but they prayer the relaxing, transporting blue-green of figurative seas, and this color nails it. The gold undertones in the mad cabinetry, door and window frames complement the adorn gold pendant lights hanging above the island. Here, the ultimate kitchen color inspiration is served. The kitchen wall is gone and the bright colors of the cabinets help light up the room, as well as the additional light from the dining latitude scope. In flat form, it is a very pretty deep blue that stops just short of blood-red territory, but using it in a high gloss, probable I did, offers a much stronger stroke.

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