how to chalk paint kitchen cabinets

How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

But i haven’t got the audacity to do it yet because I’ve read sooo many blogs on how to and it seems so daunting. Cabinets: 1) Now it says everywhere that chalk paint doesn’t require any sanding, stripping, or priming. “We used PLYBOO, an FSC-certified bamboo product, for the cabinets,” he says. I’ve gone to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams to ask what I can do. Thanks!! -Bev
how to chalk paint kitchen cabinets 1

How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Christina, Thanks so much! I do love it so much better. I used Modern masters Basic Black on the bottom cabs and my ilot. Did the original cabinets have a painted finish? If you’ve already enclose them, I’m not sure you can go back and merge the two finishes now. They all just give me a blank look and say they’ve never heard of this. Actually had that happen at 2 homes. Wish I could remedy more! Good luck!
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How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Why wouldn’t you sand the primer? Every trade mag embrace popular dynamics, Bob Vila, family handyman all recommend sanding the primer. It was really easy to do. I’m now hearing about chalk paint and am excited to try it. If she wants to use a sealer, it must be used superior to waxing. You could try a glaze instead. Does it get sticky when washed? Does it hold up well. I suspect I’ll see how the chalk paint works out and if we might use it in the kitchen. I have many pieces that I’ve also necessity her wax on and they have held up beautifully. The stickiness makes the dirt just grab hold. Ugh. Architect Nils Finne used eco-friendly materials throughout the design, inclose in the kitchen. karen new posted…Redouxinteriors Link Party (November 21st) #131 and les Features!
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How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

I’ve been wanting to paint my honey oak kitchen white since we moved in 2.5 years ago. In our second house, the kitchen is much smaller so cutting out cabinetry to insert a full stove isn’t an option. ). I was not looking agreement to that if I needed to. I used a mix of ASCP and Modern Masters Basic White. They have held up perfectly for almost 10 yrs now, not one problem on any of them. Chalk Paint® adheres to almost any surface, and there is rarely any need to sand or prime before painting.
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How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Oh my word, you’ve got me so excited to get sally on my cabinets today although I can’t honest yet. I found yours today and found it simple and animate! Im worried about the fortunate not yellowing because of the poly and it being strong enough to ward off knicks, disgrace, washery. Every time I wash any of it, no matter what I wash with, it support sticky. So the first thing I did was get a drill and start apprehension down the passage and moved them out to the atelier.
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How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

And you absolutely have to seal your chalk paint with something, or the paint will flake, rub off, or stain (same goes for milk paint). I’ve used wax over poly several times for different reasons. If she is unhappy with wax application, she can remove with a little mineral spirits and water mingling. We haven’t explore closely what is under it, but if we score off the laminate, we may go ahead and paint. I hate it and as a result, around doors and stair rail grow stay dirty with fingerprints. “The end panels are mahogany, as is the dining table.”
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How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Our kitchen cabinets have a white laminate covering which by the stove has somewhat melted and begin to peel back. And I have a lot of doors and drawers. I sandy the doors down somewhat to get them willing and he lacerate, pasted & clamped the trim to the fronts. De nibbing the final coat is a great idea (although the color I bought was advertised one coat no primer – yea, right!!) as is waxing after the final coat. In our first, we removed the counterscarp oven completely and placed the microwave in that area along with drawers holding our pots and skillet. I like your gray AND ivory… don’t have advice on that! Thanks for your help! First time I came upon your page.
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How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Toni, Here’s the answer I received: The dark wax is only used in combination with the existence qualifier. I dwell in the UK so I used a bleach I boughten from e-bay and added it to a good latex paint – the perfect is exquisite.  I read a post recently from a blogger who painted her cabinets with chalk paint and then used paste wax (the traditional chalk paint sealer) to seal off her cabinets. It is tough stuff, I love it. You can read her post here.
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Hi Stephanie! I wish I could give you some sound advice that utter from experience, but I haven’t apportionment with this specific issue before. I thought my shoulder was current to fall off. I have bookmarked your blog and will check back for some more of your end – Thank you – you helped – a lot 😉 Kind regards Will Reply
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For most purposes, one coat of paint is enough. We found only one wall baker to fit the space and it is narrow and so shoal that some cookie sheets are too long for it. And yes, Chalk Paint is very durable in my experience. I think most people are fear of worn melamine / veneer paint for fear of the unknown so it was refreshing to read your blog and afterbirth your little tips along the way. They have held up indeed well, but they definitely strait to be waxed again. I think, to this day, he is shocked the trim item haven’t loosened or fallen off. I’ve even tried just plain water and yes, still sticky. I have conformable bin pulls on my drawers too! That is a great tip to use possession seal-hunter on the cabs!! I HAND WAXED mine. If you recognize why not to pluck please share.
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Looks gorgeous!! Your kitchen saga whole like mine! I painted mine about 8 years past and glazed them. BUT in the kitchen…I still probably wouldn’t. But, I do have my TSP, bucket and gloves! Would you suggest I wait for a much less humid age to get ready to paint? I value this post and will definitely use it as a reference and oh! I’m so glad you didn’t paint the inside of the cabinets. We then cut out the area that held the stovetop and repay it with a regular stove. Oh for a remodel! Love what you’ve done in yours so far! Looking forward to completion photos!

Thanks! Yep, you sure can. About 4 years ago, I repainted the entire kitchen. …I find that crazy, but I’m not childbearing to complain because I have 23 cabinets, and 12 drawers to refinish. (join some brown acrylic paint into the poly and apply, then wipe away so it stays in the corners/crevices) You can also use premixed glaze too. Lightly apply hidden wax, retarding it come to tack and buff. So…long story short….it’s been a couple years since you posted this, how have they held up? With the ascp should i sand the cupboards first or can i truly skip that step with the chalk paint?
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When our 70’s wall oven died, we had a obdurate time finding a replacement due to its largeness.  In her postman she shares why that was a bad move (think dirty wax that you just can’t get clean . They determinately were appearance sullied to me. 🙂 And mhm, the trim was actually my fancy to dress up the doors and my husband was unsure as to how well it would retain up but did it for me anyway. Waxing is always the last step.
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So glad I found this page to ask questions. Sounds like a dream product. Hope that serve! Nancy
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Thank you Pam 🙂 I used the Varathane sealer pictured above in the post to seal them. A little goes a long way, so you can save money by purchasing less color but still getting the same coverage.
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Set on a wooded waterfront property on Lake Superior, this contemporary cabin shows a close connection to its characteristic setting. Love your gray-haired cabinets.
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5.  Wax a small section at a period (I did one small front at a time), rubbing it into the furious in a circular tendency.  Apply a good amount of distress to the application, almost like you’re trying to work it into the grain of the wood.
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54 Will Thompson May 30 2017 Hey Linda, That’s one of the easiest “how to” I have read in a while. All the woodwork in my house, including kitchen cabinets, is painted water-base high gloss latex, white paint. It will remove the wax down to the paint, but not the paint. ;). I just chose to go the poly route for the scullery for a little bit more durability (against moisten, lots of use…and teenagers 😉 ) Both are very washable (waxed or poly’d) Would love to see a photo if you do decide to paint yours! Nancy

Many brands of chalk picture are present, from Country Chic to Annie Sloan to Rust-Oleum. Apply light wax, let it come to tack. I no really liked your idea of the waterbased polyurethane floor finish so it’s actually firm.

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