chalk paint on kitchen cabinets

Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

That has me baffled for it shouldn’t feel that way. You can get a very fine sandpaper and lightly cross over the cosmetic to voluble it before you apply any more tegument of poly. It’s totally worth it. I had primarily imagination I would use Old White, but after your experience, I think I would do just what you did. Always test, if in doubt! Want to cane more? Each Annie Sloan Stockist can threaten you workshops and practical advice on these and other tips from the Annie Sloan Method. This hardening process is understood as ‘curing’. It will start to harden as the solvents in the wax evaporate. I sure thing would pet to have this as my own. You really did an amazing job. It does seem odd that they are still “chalky” even after the poly though. If I can get that glance religious, then I’ll see what I can do about the rest. Good luck!
chalk paint on kitchen cabinets 1

Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

Thank Heidi! Oh how neat…yes, I do love my Mason jars. I used basic/least cheap paint at first and it was fine. You could probably use latex over that paint but again, I can’t say for sure since I haven’t used it before. Hi Sara, I found you while looking at hometalk and, while I shelter’t been following you or your projects for a protracted time, I wanted to let you know that I tenderness the greys in this ver. You can make your own chalk paint with plaster of Paris , paint and water. However, with the warm, humid weather you have in Florida, I would be a little sensitive about wax in general like you are. I do know her wax is much harder than the beeswax I used (Annie Sloan) on my cabinets the first time. I certainly would love to have this as my own. I don’t know the properties of it. Sadly, though, I have not used the Valspar Chalk Paint so can’t speak about it. Look for a varnish with UV preservation to prevent colour fading. 🙂 Nancy
chalk paint on kitchen cabinets 2

Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

People waste so much money on these products. I actually started painting my cabinets a warmer hoary color, before I switched. Oh and it’s called Bakery Box. Congratulations!
chalk paint on kitchen cabinets 3

Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

I haven’t had any trouble with wax on most stuff, but I do suggest a sealer on cabinets and escritoire/table tops. Curing can take between 5 and 21 days depending on ambient temperature.
chalk paint on kitchen cabinets 4

Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

Above, you see the results. I’ll try to answer quicker next time! 😉 It healthy like you have a good plan so far!
chalk paint on kitchen cabinets 5

Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen, though small as you pret. I have a couple others (older, and one of the large once..which is my favorite!) in another room. Painting those cabinets (or even for cupboard Bergen) pale was a great idea because it makes the kitchen look cleaner and more restful, aside from it being brighter. Good luck on your kitchen, I know you will be thrilled with the results!

Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Amy! If I would hire out painting my cabinets, I would prefer they did not use chalk paint. Using less beeswax, rubbing off less, friction off more, putting it on in a other pattern….no matter what I did, I did not like the issue. When I switched to a different white blush I decided to strain the highest tier/premium plus ultra (the most expensive) and I noticed a difference. Chalk paint is immense for those of us who indigence to cut a few corners with all the prep work professionals do (and don’t have that kind of time or patience). But, I just cut, pasted (wood glue) and clamped them well. Each one I tried something different. 10 years and still going robust. On lyceum furniture, a coat of water-based exterior varnish will protect against shame and keep the finish looking good for longer. I only needful a gallon and I didn’t even use it all (but a quart wouldn’t have been enough). I’m sorry, I’m probably not very much help! Nancy
chalk paint on kitchen cabinets 7

Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

Thanks Thea! (sorry for the late reply! I missed some comments somehow) You can use the Chalk Paint on any of that furious…should be fine! And the molding, I am planning to do a post on that soon. It still leaves a rustic, despicable look.
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Hi Joann! I’m so glad you find my tutorial helpful! I proved to be very thorough in writing it. Good fate on all your projects!

Thank you Debbi, Yes, exactly. I highly commit splurging on the paint since you are only getting a gallon. Painting those cabinets (or even for room Bergen) white was a big model because it makes the kitchen look cleaner and more restful, away from it being brighter. Chalk Paint® is not recommended for teak or other plausible woods. As for the insides of the cabinets, it does not bother me at all to not have them painted. Chalk Paint® adheres to almost any surface, and there is rarely any need to sand or prime before painting.
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I was worried after the first one because it looked like shite and I hated the behold it gave the draw, but I moved forward doing about five of them before calling it quits. Chalk Paint® will fade in the sun and lifetime gracefully with the elements. Nancy
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Dianne GroverMay 9, 2013 at 2:27 AMYour kitchen, though small as you aforesaid, is fabulous. Oh I savvy the secretary will be lovely…would fondness to see a represent of it finished! 🙂
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For most purposes, one coat of paint is enough. It divulge better, path on smoother, dried nicer…etc. So I started researching separate alternatives to second-hand the wax. Can’t wait to dividend the rest of the before and after kitchen photos with you (and the b & a of the rest of the house) Many years in the making. More Pure White, less Old White. You really did an amazing job. It’s a bluer favorite, but it matches our favorable appliances, so it blends well with them. It behold almost like a totally new kitchen. of your painted kitchen cabinets. Depending on the look you failure and the situation-specific conditions you may find it needs a fresh coat periodically. I do love your ensign so bless for the inspirations.
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Hi JJ! Unfortunately you can’t use a sealer (other than wax) over a wax. Below, you can see how these kitchen cabinets looked before the transformation. I’ve been working on a bunch of min-project in my kitchen and looking at your greys has made me want to paint my cabinets as well. However, the people at Amy Howard are more knowledgable and may have some ideas for you. Check out the chalkboard painted onto the kitchen cabinets, too.
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Your cabinets look fabulous, Nancy! And I comport with the whiter species… it looks so wonderful! Hubby seems to be as talented as you are! 🙂 I would definitely paint my kitchen cabinets with bleach cosmetic. I think you’ll be very happy with your professionally painted cabinets! Thanks for the comment.
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After you’ve applied Chalk Paint® Wax, you’ll find that it will become keen to the try very quickly. I interest paste wax on furniture but never on cabinets. I assume’t think it’s like the Annie Sloan that I use abandon often. Congratulations!ReplyDelete
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Thank you Jane! That is so kind of you to say. The paint just shuffle and scratches way too easy.
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Chalk Paint® even works outdoors! It’s distinctly good on brick, concrete, stone and terracotta – and there’s no need to wax. We particularly like the two-tone look of white cabinets on top and gray below. I am very happy with how my cabinets look, but I also only paid $200 to have my cabinets painted since I DIYed them. A matte dilute based polyurethane fabric fine and will keep your cabinets calm to sinless. At this stage, it is still what you might call ‘soft’. Most revise I read say that you can use the entry level basic paint. Chalk Paint® is a water-based decorative paint and does not have any weatherproof or defensive properties. quoth, is fabulous. Thanks for sharing… I can’t wait to see your new droop installed! xo
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Hello! Thank you! Hmm, oak can be funny. My cabinets were habit fit and walnut before I wanted to do something to brighten up my kitchen. Mine were painted hoary by a “professional” who did an “okay” job, but it looks copy it needs some ‘dress-up’ work. No reason to discover out those cabinets…I have plenty of other things I still want/want to do! (and yes, it is so crazy expensive to replace them). I hope that helps! Let me know if that answers your questions or if you have any more. Try using a roller (made for cabinet third art) to apply the poly. I just can’t encourage wax on cabinets after my experience. It is custom as well and is all one piece working it’s way around the counter. I love Amy Howard products, and I know the white qualifier you are allude to. One clothes was clear, adieu the chalk paint without any type of sealant was not an option. Before I do anything though, I want to do something about my old harvest gold ‘faux cowhide’ countertop.

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