annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after

Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

Plus, it did take a few years to get that moving. I used the Varathane in place of the wax as a seal-hunter. Make a tiny batch (using your measurements) and test. You did such a great job! I’m glad you went with the floor palliate – makes life in the kitchen so much easier and no yearly support. It’s an obsession – in a good way.
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 1

Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

Also my kitchen cabinets are the same oak, and I’m painting those white, Now I’m on my second coat and it still shows through. Since heavy sands away some of the finish and paint, it will leave it a bit vulnerable. I would distress before you add the final finish coat. Good fate!!
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 2

Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

Hi Karen, Nope, I did not wax these at all. Hope this helps! Nancy
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 3

Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

Using Chalk Paint® on walls Apply Chalk Paint® to walls with a large brush, inclination the Annie Sloan Wall Paint Brush. Not happy 🙁 I was expectation 2 coat will suffice. I’ll be posting about it on the blog as well as updating this post. Now, I want to achieve a little more smooth texture, the chalky texture is a bit scary, how am I ever gonna be able to wipe those cabinets down. I love the Lord and enjoy creative and organized living. I Saw go for it! 😉 Nancy
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 4

Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

I love that people are still commenting after all this time! All your before picture needed was Alice standing at the stove workmanship her remarkable meatloaf and Carol Brady disload the groceries. It charm a great deal of time and curative effort to properly buff out a medical finish so that it become hard enough to repel dust and I doubt that many people put in that much effort on the enormous thrust of scullery cabinets. Hope that helps.
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 5

Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

You are welcome, good luck! Oh, I just proverb an ad today for a brand new Minwax product….it says no yellowing. I’m using Valspar chalk paint though, uncertainty that’s why the coverage is not admirable. I painted over my chalk painted/waxed cabinets with another chalk-token paint, but I do wish I had primed them first. Now I’m scared!! Help! Should I have sanded between chalk paint coats? What if I used black latex over chalk color, have you ever tried that? Thanks, Goga
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 6

Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

Hi Nicki, Thanks so much! 🙂 Yes, I did still unite a little of Old White in to the mix. I’m married to my college sweetheart and an amazing man named Steve. Also, when you used the Poly Floor Finish, did you have to courage in between coats? I’ve tell some people do. If you love your oak cabinets, then you keep your oak cabinets! Someday when we are all stripping our cabinets, you’ll be sitting back relaxing. The after picture however, will still look current for many, many yonks to come. We’ve done everything in this house ourselves and have saved a ton doing it. Good luck on your project!
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 7

Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

Hello there! I’m Sara, and I was created to make. Either way I’m sure your design will end with beautiful arise! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I look forward to retain your newsletter.
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Hi Whitney! I’m so sorry your cabinets haven’t held up well. Black covered way faster. I don’t know a thing about it but it might be worth a look! (although, I think it may be oil based) Nancy
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 9

Yes, this matte sealer would work great on a color table (I used it on our kitchen table). No reason to rip out those cabinets…I have plenty of other things I still need/want to do! (and yes, it is so crazy expensive to restore them). You do not emergency to buff the sealer. As a matter of fact, the Varathane (or any other product like that) will not adhere to the wax so be sure not to try that! 😉 You would just do either/or. Yes, the Varathane is profound, they have held up wonderfully. Hope that serve! Nancy
annie sloan kitchen cabinets before and after 10

I have years of have in woodworking and various complete and I always cringe when I hear someone used wax on their cabinets or, believe it or not, extraforaneous furniture. Then just make it the same ratio, just larger. Oil supported poly is remarkable for turning yellow. Oh I know the clerk will be agreeable…would love to see a picture of it finished! 🙂
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I really love the look of two-tone cabinets (that’s what I’m doing as well, in different colors), I hope you decide to keep them. Your kitchen looks like perfection to me!. I am actually going to be repainting the kitchen in white-favorable soon. The Varathane did yellow a slight bit but not nearly as much as an smear based poly would have. Even so, become and the heat of a kitchen don’t mix well and all your hard buffing work will be for naught when the rise softens in the heat. I had a peruser tell me she proved Thompsons because it is so much cheaper, but she didn’t inclination the rise so she went ahead and bought the SW and ended up loving it. The wax makes it harder for the picture to stick, and it does IC when things knock up against the cabinets. So I would definitely recommend a quick coat of primer before you repaint. ASCP rocks! I just did two small, antique telephone tables in Old White with Johnson’s paste wax (it made it a bit darker but I didn’t mind). Except for the slight yellowing, they look exact like they did the day I painted them almost 4 years since. It is so high-priced to have things done, especially so in the kitchen area. You can then term the wall with a big brush, or just raise it – bedrooms walls look great with a flexible, matte, unwaxed finish. The Chalk Paint did make it easy! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂 Nancy

Like I said, I already had this laying around so I didn’t pick this one over any others for a circumstantial reason. For kitchens, bathrooms and walls that exact a tougher, scrubbable finish, we recommend Annie Sloan Wall Paint.
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Chalk Paint® can transform ancient concrete and wooden floors, even if they’re lacquer. My cabinets were professionally painted brick grenat near 10 years since and now I’m thinking painting them Old Ochre–is that demented? Do you think Annie Sloan in Old Ochre will cover it? Its a very dark red. For the repaint, I have to say, it was precisely much easier this go plump than the first time I painted them after moving in. My hands are almost always screened in paint – I’ll paint anything! I’m a mom to three adorable children: Bryant, Benson and Lena. I believe if you change everything to grey, your kitchen will need some ‘ardent’ accessories to subdue the cool tones of the grey. So again…I’m not sure why there is a difference, but you get different results from the different brands. Hope this helps! 🙂
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Hi Rosemary, Thanks so much!! And yes, I totally agree with you. Anyway, enormous post and I hope people study from your experience and except themselves the extra work! As for your cabinets, your kitchen examine warm and alluring with both cream and grey colors. But you are upright, so many people are funny about painting (or changing) things. Just apply two or three coats of Chalk Paint®, and then apply Chalk Paint® Lacquer with a sponge roller, for added durability.

Thank you Debbi, Yes, full. I’d love to have you join me in my DIY home decor endeavors!
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Thank you Rosemary! Love it…yassuh show them those pictures!! I entirely agree with you, paint and wood are definitely forgiving. I suppose you can use it on a wood top as a protective coat, but I haven’t tried it yet. I always tell people that since they are the ones running in their domestic, they need to adorn how they want to decorate. Yep, Lowe’s. Pure White by itself was a bit too stark darling for me. Planning on doing the double sink bathroom vanity next, followed by everything else that’s not nailed down. I ended up priming some of the more used/high traffic areas, and the paint holds up much better. A brush will use less paint than a roller and will add depth and texture to the last finish. I would seal after. Again, great place and hope to persist getting more ideas from you! Thanks Martha
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Hi Jewell! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I think it ended up around 3/4 Pure to 1/4 Old. No chipping or wear of any kind. Want to know more? Each Annie Sloan Stockist can offer you workshops and practical advice on these and other tips from the Annie Sloan Method.

Hi Nancy, what a great situation! It is such source of breath! I’m about to do my kitchen cabinets and I have two questions for you.

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