above kitchen cabinets

Above Kitchen Cabinets

I only want stuff that expect pretty out on display. But if you’re traffic with a soffit or fur down, you have to check Kaylor @ Fisherman’s Wife Furniture, she made the soffit look like part of the cabinets. Select your finest item that boast fetching beauty, captivating colors, and arresting details to fashion gracious displays that are sure to charm.
above kitchen cabinets 1

Above Kitchen Cabinets

I’m renting a place that has the “extinct” course above the cupboards. I can’t see up there even with a ladder, so I assume’t worry about it being dusty, I just defraud the stuff off when we exigency them. I have about a foot, maybe a foot-and-a-half of space between my kitchen cabinet tops and the ceiling. It not only makes the window seem larger, but offers space to store cookbooks and display a collection of white pitchers. While it could be viewed as a waste of electricity, when I’m in the kitchen it’s all lit up there and looks interesting.
above kitchen cabinets 2

Above Kitchen Cabinets

I usage the space above my cupboards to display a well-mannered collection of yellowware bowls. They still get dusty, but not to the point that we need to worry about them. I flick the featherduster over them when I complete house every other week. Well, I lastly cleaned and revise my kitchen, but I’m now at a loss for what to do with that space. I’m facing a bit of a fix. When decorating up high, group same-species entry to composed high-impact displays that advance into sight and immediately peruse as a collection.
above kitchen cabinets 3

Above Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have a gap between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling that has you surprise what the heck to do with it?  If you feel that space has been forgotten and is calling for something special, you’re behavior to love these 10 ideas for decorating above kitchen cabinets. Better Homes & Gardens 2 Here’s another option for using that while for storage. Most of us have way more kitchen stuff than we penury. Accessories are a great way to cause color to an all white kitchen. A skid’s design parameters are its height, depth, increase, weight rating, durability, serviceability, and smoothness of operation. Do you know of any (hopefully attractive) interval to manner, beautify, or close off this space? Help!
above kitchen cabinets 4

Above Kitchen Cabinets

posted by Kevin Miller on October 8, 2010 Long-time gospeler, first-time commenter… we’ve put my wife’s populous collection of vinous and martini glasses up there. Try hanging a vintage omen, such as in this kitchen. You can find letters like these at your local craft store. We also have adorning lights placed under them, which when turned on make an awesome lighting effect on the ceiling. Then you can use the space and just close the passage in front of it. By adding a single shelf, you can create double that in costly linear fact of storage. Artwork, baskets, or antique trivets are also some fun options. Ideas for Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets 1 Take advantage of that extra space by worn it as storage. They can also easily be changed out by the season or for uncommon holidays. Two sections of the dry wale can be removed, so there’s a secret storage space behind it. Decorative finishes end distressing, glazing, and toning. Since you won’t be accessing these items on a regular base, I’d recommend having a cover on the baskets or keeping the entry in closed containers within the baskets. Keep items you don’t application that often in pretty baskets or bins. Brilliant! You can also check Crazy Gorgeous, she did a similar job by cause the cabinets all the way up.
above kitchen cabinets 5

posted by Karen on October 8, 2010 I’m all with the leave it empty idea. Long story short: think of something decorative.
above kitchen cabinets 6

Sophisticated Scene Decorate shelves, nooks, and cubbies above your cabinets with Sunday-best knockout or polished silver heirlooms. However, when the owner rework the kitchen she had that duration wired for back lighting with the same lights as the undercabinet space and they all turn on at the same time. Better Homes & Gardens 5 A fun and coloured embassade fits perfectly in this whimsical kitchen. I’ve seen others do something very similar with LED decoy lighting.
above kitchen cabinets 7

The maladroit open while usually exists above kitchen cabinets because the cabinets aren’t custom made for your kitchen. Or should I specimen, nothing but paint. Traditional drawers with wood-on-wood runners can only be extended about three-quarters; however, modern runners enable full-extension drawers. I’m sorry, but that’s just not true.As a general rule, if you have under 2′ of room above kitchen cabinetry, very tall armoires or built-ins, don’t decorate the space. The cabinets you have were like thousands of dollars less extravagant than custom cabinets, though, which is why you see this problem so often in homes across the U.S. (make sure the depend are holding). So I guess the space isn’t useless after all.
above kitchen cabinets 8

Drawer extension is the exposed proportion of a fully amplify drawer. Better Homes & Garden 8 A diversity of basket, bottles, and prison help to strengthen the country style in this tempting scullery. If you have a collection of hint, they will have more stroke if you display them in a ample grouping rather than spreading them out throughout the house. Oh, and I’m sorry, but if you ever feel possessed to put some fake greenery up there, then consider yourself banned from my place! 😉
above kitchen cabinets 9

posted by Letitia on October 11, 2010 You can have a small renovation by replacing the doors of you cabinets with higher passage that stop 1cm from the ceiling. Better Homes & Garden 10 Sometimes the space above the cabinet isn’t open, but is a solid wall instead. It’s just that I have to stress something to you before we climb up on the counters with our accessories in tow.)Before you decide to display something up tall, stop and take a moment to rate why, exactly, you want to do so. One new feature is soft-close buffering.
above kitchen cabinets 10

Cabinets may be finished with opaque draw, opacity lacquer and transparent finishes such as lacquer or varnish. Better Homes & Gardens 4 Natural weave baskets in varying shapes add texture and interest. Better Homes & Garden 9 Use the roam above the cabinets to bring in pops of color. Too many people think that anytime a gradine is in sight there needs to be something resting on top of it. This will prevent to keep them clean and levigate-free. The Handmade Home 6 This dormer may have looked too diminutive for the space had it not been for the increase of a small gradin. Decorate with nothing. Notice how the color red has been brought in via the bowls on the top shelf, footstool at the bar, a pot on the stove, and a bunch of shiny tomatoes. The tealights were extremely cheap, short enough to be unseen, didn’t put off enough heat or have high flames to catch anything afire, and cast such an awesome glow all evening long. Our old house had this issue. Paint them or decoupage them with pretty paper. Better Homes & Garden 11 I know I said that there are 10, but I had to include this fresh design idea. She warehouse her silver and other valuables there when she’s aroint. Better Homes & Garden 7 Turquoise mason interfere bring color to this desk area and coordinate with the desk accessories. It’s a space that accumulates dust, dog hair, dead bugbear, and who knows what, in addition to the velocity (unsightly) bits and pieces that get shoved up there when we don’t have space for them elsewhere. These stylish solutions for that sometimes awkward path include ideas for using it as storage or as display space. In this office alcove, vintage bluestocking canning jars of all sizes brighten the shadows. I use it to store vases, the large stockpots and canning kettle, the toaster-oven, and other things that don’t get used very often. The pre-fabricated cabinets you have sir’t consider your rank’s ceiling height, and were installed to be convenient to reach (resulting in the gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling). This display is another example of keeping a collection together. Better Homes & Garden I inlet you enjoyed these simple ideas for adorn above your kitchen cabinets. What have you done to that space in your kitchen? Have you used it for storage, display, or kept it open? I’d love to hear from you. I had to purge a lot of stuff to get it to all fit inside those cupboards, too. Look in your utensil drawer and count how many spatulas are in there, even though you as like as not interest your one favorite every time you flip a burger in your kitchen. Our cabinets were high, but we had nine foot ceilings so they didn’t reach all the way. There’s some modeling that sections the wall into panels, so you really can’t tell that parts can be removed.
above kitchen cabinets 11

posted by Anne D on October 9, 2010 We, too have that ungraceful space above the cabinets. The old homeowner had put artificial plants up there, but I tossed them rather than endeavor to clean them.
above kitchen cabinets 12

STOP! Don’t get out the step stepladder yet!(Sorry to startle you. Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens are often integrated into kitchen cabinetry. Allowing plenty of blank while insures that it won’t look overcrowded.
above kitchen cabinets 13

Nostalgic Notions Decorate above your kitchen cabinets with objects that further your designate vision. There are many contract for cabinets available at coincident.
above kitchen cabinets 14

8 A kind of basket, bottles, and jugs help to confirm the country style in this inviting kitchen. This helps to visually add height to the kitchen. The choice of finish can affect the cabinet’s kind, sheen (from flat to noble gloss), and feel.
above kitchen cabinets 15

posted by Elena on October 8, 2010 I dilaceration so I can’t constrain any constructional changes and that space is currently empty. I would use the space for seasonal items: Christmas baking tools, birthday decorations, picknick basket, oven cleaners, silver polish etc.
above kitchen cabinets 16

One friend had a carpenter enclose the space with dry defense. I use it to keep my wok, rice cooker, intelligence dagger, George Foreman grill, platters, and magazine holders in which I store my seasonal recipes. My counter is free for stuff I use more frequently, and I access the top easily with a two-step run I keep in my conceal.
above kitchen cabinets 17

We spaced about 10 simple tealight candleholders up there and would skylight the candles when company was complaisant. Allowing plenty of blank space insures that it won’t look overcrowded. Because I’m fairly short and that space is a magnet for dust and crud, I don’t want to use it for storage or anything that would involve me having to clean it more than once a year (like fake plants, which I’ve skilled in a LOT of places). I keep stuff I actually interest put away inside the cabinets. I ponder using the space above to just store stuff that doesn’t meet in your cabinets sounds like it would look awful. Using only a few larger items keeps the look clean and works better than having a lot of smaller ones. Check out the wine storage incorporated in the supports. They also draw the oversight upwards. To add interest, paint your walls in a color that stands out against your cabinet, backsplash, and ceiling. Also one of the cats resembling to fit up there and appear down upon her kingdom and inferior. Empty beer bottles? I think a more appropriate position for something like that would be the recycling bin.
above kitchen cabinets 18

Kitchen cabinets are the built-in furniture installed in many kitchens for storage of food, cuisine equipment, and often silverware and dishes for slab service. All too often, doing so place you to the 1990’s and the area does nothing but catch dust. Pre-Hoarder. Tutorial: One Kings Lane 3 The symmetry and layered items in this display along with a beadboard backdrop warm up this all white kitchen. The breach saved your home’s builder a few grand in building expense.
above kitchen cabinets 19

That space was just 12″ height from the top of the cabinets to the ceiling, if you have a space grater than 12″ a good alternative would be to give it the look of “open cabinets” as I did in my Laundry Room HERE, Or as Morgane from Bear, Dolly and Moi did. The key is to keep it from proper too cluttered.

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